Adorkable DM (Lynn Andrews)

Lynn was suckered into being the DM with promises of money, bros, and spreading her mixtape.

 Jaal (Dave Hamilton)

A Tiefling ranger who’s just another asshole looking for a good time.

Lora (Mary Russell)

A half-Elf druid searching for answers.

Curtis (Jackson Ferrell)

An ex-slave, ex-gladiator, and now a free man, Curtis must figure out what to do with his new-found liberty.

Beck (Brian Russell)

A half-Orc barbarian/fighter adventuring his way to opening a food cart.

Yorke (Rob Gryfft)

A prideful half-elf bard, Yorke hates getting his hands dirty, but rarely passes up the opportunity to take the stage.

Former Characters…

Urunwe (Jackson Ferrell)

An Elven, Christian wizard who is serious about his obligations.

Martin Duoud (Rob Gryfft)

A human paladin bound to Urunwe on a quest to find meaning and religion.