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Episode 18 – Oh Gods, the Balls!

The crew is still delving through Wave Echo Cave, but this may be their last hurrah. Having gained three new bugbear recruits, the crew plots an attack. Battles are had, alliances are formed, death abounds,... Read More
  • Awful Good

Episode 17 – A Flurry of Morningstars

Having fought their way into Wave Echo Cave, the crew picks their way through the dungeon-esque mines facing dangers at every turn! Will the crew survive the monsters of this dark place? Find out in... Read More
  • Awful Good

Episode 16 – The Right Way

Having made it to Wave Echo Cave and having to leave Gundren Rockseeker behind to mourn his brother, the crew makes their way into the mines. But before they can do anything, the last we... Read More